SkillsMatch aim to upskill adult educators in the field of digital competences and improve the relevance and quality of e-learning courses on digital skills.

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A clear objective

The project aims to develop a matching tool between digital competences gaps of adult educators and e-learning offer

The tool will be an online/mobile application that identifies digital competence gaps and proposes suitable e-learning courses.

Designed for adults

SkillsMatch targets low-skilled, low qualified adults by offering them a tool to develop and upgrade key competences and/or progress towards higher qualifications and their educators to upgrade their skills and digital familiarity in order to make their teaching more effective and motivating by extending their competences. 

The target group of the project are:

  • Adult educators looking to increase their digital competences and skills with e-learning courses.
  • Designers of e-learning courses for adult educators

By a European partnership

What have we developed?

Self-assessment tool

Focusing on the digital competences of adult trainers, the assessment tool identifies skills gaps in digital areas on the basis of DigCompEdu framework.

Online/mobile matching tool

Matching the identified digital competences gaps with the e-learning offer. It is based on a smart search engine that searches and analyses information or metadata from the different related websites.

Guide for course providers

Built on the basis of the DigiCompEdu, the guide aim is to know how to match e-learning courses with the actual educational needs of adult educators.

Learning nuggets

Micro-learning modules, have been designed on competences for which there is an identified gap and lack among course providers.